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The Visual Communicator

Graphic designing is essential for the digital marketing world. In fact, it is more than that. They exist everywhere from the newspapers you read daily in the morning to a company logo. That sound’s interesting right? Now Let’s have an insight on Graphic designing.

The term graphic design came in to use in 1922. the origin of graphic design is from a 17000 year’s old caves of Lascaux paintings. Graphic designing concerns about aesthetic appearance and marketing. They draw the attention of the viewers through typography and colorful images. But a UX designer (User Experience designer) concerns with branding, design, usability and function.

They don’t concentrate just on making items that are usable.. but they also concern more about user’s experience such as pleasure, fun and efficiency.

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What is Graphic Designing?

It is the process of creating visual content which enables communication and delivery of information easily. It includes typography, iconography, illustration, and photography. Basically, graphic designers are called problem solvers through visual content. and it is one of the most creative careers in the world.

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Our Benefits

Benefits of graphic designing

  • It can build a professional image for companies through logos and images.
  • It offers visual consistency for your marketing efforts.
  • Be that as it may, the utilization of visual communication can improve numerous parts of the business.
  • It attracts more audience and an informative image can make your audience understand your ideas easily than a plain simple text.
  • A graphic designer can create a professional image for your company which builds trust and credibility that is essential for growing a business.
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Graphic Designing Tools We Use


It can create an image from scratch. They are a free online image editor. Pixlr editor is built-in flash so you will need a flash plug-in to get it to work. If you want to edit an image then you can use Pixlr as an alternative to a photoshop tool.

Adobe Creative Suite

It is a product set-up of graphic design, video altering and web improvement. Adobe delayed consequences is an advanced movement illustration. it can edit and composite beautiful images. They can also design and create elegant layouts.

Pantone colour guide

It is difficult for a graphic designer to obtain a printed colour that is distinctive to the design that exhibits on PC. In order to overcome this issue, you can use this tool as your reference manual. But it is very expensive


DeviantArt is an online community which is filled with so many local artists. it allows the user to save their designs and they can also share, shop for arts in that community.

Icon Finders

This tool allows the designer to find high-quality icons that are attractive. They also have a license for commercial projects and they have an approach to about more than 5 lakh icons

Pic Markr & Logaster

This tool offers the user to create a logo for projects in a few minutes. Pic Markr tool can insert watermarks in any image. And can also be used for copyright.

Visual CSS tools & Page crush

It allows you to customize your own website themes without coding.Page Crush is the collection of artistic works of valuable and delicate artists


Procreate simplifies the illustration works of a designer. It has a great selection of brushes.

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