Web Development and Design : In a Nutshell

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Web development and design it’s really very confusing to understand the basic difference between web development and web designing. Due to this, some of the people think that they both are the same. But actually these terms are analogous to each other having different meanings. Let’s find out how.-

Web Development VS Web Designing: A Clear View

web design vs web development

Contending Web Designing: 

Web designing refers to the process in which we design a website, how its gonna look i.e., it’s visibility, and how the users will operate it. In simple words, it’s the prototype of the websites that are designed. Various apps are used to provide different effects to a website such as a layout, and other visible effects. 

Their main focus is on coming up with the ideas for fulfilling the demand of the customers and for this first, they have to understand the objectives and then begin with Information Architecture (IA) for building up the hierarchy of the specifications. Their work also depends on what the owner wants his site to look like and what’s the main purpose depicted by it. While designing the site they always keep in mind that it should look attractive by its layout yet simple to understand and easy to access. for this, they have to set up with some basic design principles.

Design principles for Web Development and Design :

web development vs web designing


According to the theory of colours, these colours are those which are placed opposite to each other on the colour wheel. Generally, designers play with them to attract the user on a particular side of the webpage. They can easily do this by either increasing the contrast, highlighting the words, etc.


It’s one of the most crucial elements of a web page as it helps in smoothing the experience of the user. These are generally used for making the scrolling part of the mouse part better which eventually helps in enhancing the experience of the customers.


A person gets bored easily by seeing a single element repeatedly. So it’s important to play with the colours i.e., heavy colours and light colours so that the users don’t get bored and irritated and can enjoy while sliding the screen.


This part is generally used to gain more attention towards a particular part of a website which according to the programmer is useful. You can’t simply emphasise on everything as it will not look good. So, you should take care of the emphasizing part.


Generally, in anything whether it’s an article or a paragraph, etc, unity and coherence are the most essential parts because if it will not be there then the user will not be able to recognize what the developer wants to see. For this, you should focus on arranging the data in a sequence that is understandable to the audience.

A programmer should also be aware of the latest trend going on in the market. This knowledge helps him in becoming user friendly, eventually helping him in increasing his own demand and popularity. 

He also makes it certain that he has proper knowledge about web designing as it’s very necessary. Since they have to consider a website so they should know if it’s possible to implement the content on the web and how they will manage.

Contending Web Development:

web development and web designing

 A web developer makes that website accessible to the users without any problem and inconvenience caused. He can add images and videos and many other interactive functions to make the site look more attractive to the users.he does this by simply breaking the parts of the sites into parts and then developing that every single part in order to be showcased on the site. He does this by following two methods 

1)By using front-end language such as HTML, CSS, JS, and for more complex functions he incorporates programming languages such as PHP for developing several website pages.

  • Front end:

The frontend is the interface of a website or the things that the user sees while he opens a webpage i.e., the first look of the website.

  • Interface:

 The interface is the page on which the user will interact. So, developers develop front-end to make the site workable so that users can interact with the site and then can perform tasks.

Now, as the front-end is developed, the part of the back end starts. These both are the crucial segments of a website if anyone goes wrong then the whole website can crash. 

2)By using the back end language

  • Back end:

The back-end is that side of the website that the user can’t see. This part is generally used for storing the information of the user in terms of id, passwords, etc. 

Some more precocious developers use Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress so that they can make the work of website development susceptible to the writers and editors.

Final Words: Web development and design

So, for now, you might have understood the considerable difference between Web development and design. They both work simultaneously, as both are integral for a particular website.

Numerous big companies divide the work between Web development and design, accordingly and then assign it to their workers so that they could achieve the whole work professionally in a systematic manner. I hope this article has helped you in strengthening your knowledge.

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