Top Hacks To Grow Twitter Followers Organically in 2021

Grow Twitter Followers

Twitter has more than 300 million active users and it is a platform that allows the users to interact with the audience easily through tweets. Independent ventures have been utilizing twitter to develop more followers. It was considered as one of the leading platforms to grow followers but in 2018 it started to fall behind Instagram.

This is because of many fake accounts on twitter were increasing tremendously. Still, Twitter has its advantage to grow more followers through twitter tools. The fake account issues were also tackled by twitter by removing the fake accounts which have made it again to the top. As a beginner, everyone will start looking for some way to grow twitter followers and will end up using twitter tools.

Grow Twitter Followers

Why use Twitter to Grow Twitter Followers?

Twitter has many benefits in marketing than other platforms. Not only marketing but even in other fields like journalism. Below are some advantages of utilizing twitter.

1. Statistics

  • There are above 1.3 billion registered users in twitter
  • Above 65.8% of the companies are using twitter to grow followers.
  • Your competitors are already using Twitter. So, you should also use it.
  • Above 70 % of 2013 Inc, 500 companies use twitter.

2. 2-way communication

If you post anything on your twitter your customer can reply to it in the comment section. And you can even do a variety of things to grow more followers like

3. An open platform

Twitter being open will be able to build followers and discover your brand. Every conversation on twitter is open.

4. Increase brand awareness

Twitter allows you to connect with your audience. You can make use of promotional ads and run ads on Twitter to grow your business.

5. Identifying your customer is easy

As we know that Twitter is an open platform where it connects us to community and it also makes easy for us to identify and target the audience through their profile. we can get details like their interests through their bio. 

Like any other social website, twitter has more benefits. In order to grow twitter followers, you can use some tools that prevent miscommunication with your customer, prevents the loss of customer and it boosts your communication with the target audience. So, you can use some twitter tools to achieve your goals on twitter. Let’s take a look at 7 of the best tools to grow twitter followers.

1.  Hootsuite #1 tool to grow Twitter followers

Hootsuite tool is used for managing your social website accounts including twitter. If you have more than one account in twitter then use this tool.

It can handle so many accounts. Today many entrepreneurs, bloggers and digital marketers are using Hootsuite to monitor their Twitter accounts.

You can easily share and upload videos and GIFs on twitter from Hootsuite. It monitors your account and helps you to reply to your audience faster.

2.   Twesocial

It is the best social automation service. it provides a growth report of your account on twitter. They also offer strategies for social media marketing.

The best part of this tool is they prevent us from fake followers. When you sign up, they will assign you a manager for managing your account.

You should provide the details about your business, audience and your goals. They will provide you with a weekly report regarding your growth in twitter.

3.   CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a platform which saves your time and helps you to manage your account in a single dashboard. This tool allows you to organize your posting schedule. CoSchedule helps you to schedule tweets with images and links. You can learn how to schedule your posting your content.

You can easily integrate CoSchedule with your favourite tools like Google docs and Google Analytics.

4.   Sprout social

Sprout social is used by so many larger businesses. They offer social media management, customer care and solutions to more leading brands and agencies.

It enables the organization to extend their reach and amplify their businesses and connects customer. It also helps content marketers to create relevant content that helps them to get more customers.

We know Casio a famous Japanese company that manufactures electronic devices like a wristwatch. They are using sprout social to respond to their customers faster and it also helps them to grow twitter followers.

5.   TweetDeck

This is a simple tool which provides a social media dashboard application to manage your twitter accounts. If you want to tweet like a pro then this tool is the best as it is simple and at the same time, they help you to reach your audiences.

They offer real-time tracking, engagement and organizing. It discovers the best of Twitter.

6.   Airtable

It is the best organizing tool and works like an Excel Sheet. Handle any content and you can even add links. It allows you to organize and schedule your posting in your own way.

It can integrate with so many apps and creates a database of all the tweets you favourited. Businesses are now using this tool for customer-relationship tasks, project planning and tracking inventory.

7.   Buffer

It is a fundamental form of other social media management devices like TweetDeck and Hootsuite mostly concentrating on scheduling your posts. It can save your time and energy if you have a hard time managing your account.

If you post too many tweets at a time that will make your followers lose their interest. So, use tools like a buffer to manage and schedule your tweets. Twitter tools basically help you to grow twitter followers and your business.

Grow Twitter Followers


If you have not registered in twitter to promote your business then it is no surprise if your business life is bitter. Twitter is a platform where you can become quite famous with your tweets. Nearly 47 % of the website traffic of a certain blog is due to the links that promote you in twitter. 

To be frank we have everything in our reach to grow more followers but we fail to make use of it. And there is one ultimate rule you better carve it in your mind. The rule is if you want to shine in wealth and business or it may be even any other field digitally then stick to all the social media websites and use worthy tools that integrate with it to grow followers.

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