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Top 8 Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

speed up wordpress website

Is your WordPress website running too slow? Are you looking for some other CMS for doing your work? etc. Then eventually, you can try the steps mentioned here. So that you can effectively speed up WordPress website. The user usually asks that the site loads up within 2 sec. Moreover, facing this issue every time irritates them. Eventually, they leave the site, since they think that it’s taking too much time to load up.

A few days back, several surveys were conducted for an e-commerce site. It resulted that 79 per cent of customers who experienced slow website would never come back. The surveyed customers said that they won’t be returning to that site again. Further, that survey also told that 44 per cent of the customers also tell others to stop using that website. As you can see the results on your own. Therefore, having a slow loading website can negatively affect your business. Unfortunately, this can cause you tremendous loss.

Try to focus on several other things like you should speed up your WordPress website. This is to be done as Google pushes down the ranking of a website if it has slow loading time.

Beneficial points for speed up WordPress website:

If the ranking of your website will decrease. Then, they will not show your site on the top of the search results. Moreover, Google also told in 2010 that it will start sorting the sites on their load time as well. They did it so that the users can have the best experience will surfing the websites. So, to get a better SEO ranking and show up on Google SERP. Eventually, you have to speed up WordPress website.

So, now as you know exactly why you want to speed up WordPress website. Therefore, we will now tell you several points that you can use to speed up WordPress website.


1. Identify the factors hindering to speed up WordPress website:

It’s an important step if you want to speed up a WordPress website. You should find out the factors that are increasing your loading time. There are many online free tools that can help you in this purpose, some tools are:

  • Pingdom: It will give you an exact load time of your website and also provide you with a grade for its performance.
  • WebPageTest: It is a website testing tool introduced by Google. Eventually, it gives you an option to select from which country you want your site to be tested. It will show the load time by searching from that country.
  • GTmetrix: It provides you not only with the load time. But also it gives you a step to enhance the speed of your website.

2. To speed up a website, remove unused plugins

You should remove the plugins that are unused or of very less use. As it will increase the time unnecessarily for loading up the website. Eventually, it’s a basic rule of WordPress or any CMS that more functionality a plugin will perform, more time it will take to load.

Similarly, plugins that are poorly coded can also slow up your website. If you really need to detect the fault of the plugin. Then you can use the plugin, P3profiler. It will give you the information that which plugin is slowing up your website.

3. Manage your database to speed up a WordPress website

Database plays a huge role in deciding the loading time of your website. It stores every information regarding your WordPress website. So, if you can manage your database, then your loading time will decrease effectively. Eventually, it’s the easiest and effective way to speed up WordPress website.

Moreover, you should regularly clear up the spam messages, unnecessary data of plugins from the database etc. For this work, you can use the Plugins Garbage Collector. It will help you in clearing unnecessary space taken by plugins. Some other database optimization plugins are WP Cleanup and WP-DBManager. According, try to manage your database so that you can speed up a WordPress website.

4. Understand Content Delivery Networks to speed up a WordPress website 

A CDN is used to host your website at a different location around the world. It is done so that users accessing the site can access it from the nearest server present. Therefore, it’s important for a website as it decreases the loading time. Moreover, CDN should be used so that your website loading time is less everywhere in the world.

5. Optimize images to speed up the WordPress website

The User has to download the images every time he visits a website. In this step, we should note that more the images on the website more will be the loading time. So, we should aim for fewer images so that loading time decreases for any website. For this, you can use the Lazy Load plugins. As it can be used to test how much time your website images take to load up. Consequently, optimize the images so that you can speed up WordPress website. 

6. Use Clear Cache Plugin

We should use caching to speed up our website. As it will decrease the amount of request between server and clients. We can use caching plugins for this purpose. Caching plugins converts your dynamic site to static HTML sites, thus decreasing the loading time of a website effectively.

7. Minimizing the code to speed up the WordPress website

You should minimize the code before making your site live. As this will effectively work in decreasing the loading time of your website. Further, you can use gzip for this purpose. It helps in minimizing your page size up to 70 per cent. Eventually, what it does is, it replaces the common strings into temporary strings.

After compressing, you can make your site live. The browser will decompress your site and present it in the same way to the users with no loss. You can use the W3 HTTP compression plugin for this purpose. Therefore, try to minimize the code to speed up WordPress website.

8. Reduce Social media sharing

Social media marketing decreases the loading time of your website.  As it uses the Javascript to fetch the detail every time. Therefore, try to remove it for speed up your WordPress website. If you cannot remove that social media sharing. Then you can use plugins like Share Center Pro or Floating Social Bar for this purpose.


Therefore, in the end, we hope that you must have understood the need for time control of your website. Focus more on improving the basics of your website. Because these are the only things which manage up in increasing you’re all over the presentation. If you to keep in mind that do something different from others. Then only you will be able to stand up in healthy competition.

Eventually, it not helps in gaining more customers. But also it helps in gaining a good domain ranking. Thus, helping in placing your site under the top 10 searches of the search engines. So, these are some tips that you can utilize to speed up WordPress website. Try to utilize them while working with WordPress. Ultimately, you will find the results yourself, once you implement it on your website.

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