Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Social media marketing trends

In today’s world, people spend a significant part of their days on social media marketing trends. It has become a plug-in of daily lives, where sometimes it can turn out to be an addiction. On the contrary, social media plays a role of simple importance for marketers, developers, content makers, etc. Social media platforms or forums have become a source to connect to their target customers. 

According to a survey, the global internet users are going to cross 80 per cent in 2020, therefore, leading content overload because of the massive audience growth. Consequently, due to this, the rate of contention is high implying that it is very much important to stay updated about the latest social media marketing trends and apply them productively.

A Quick Guide on Social Media Marketing Trends?

Social Media Marketing Trends

Know your customer’s needs? What matters to them the most? Type of content keeps them engaged and entertained? Are they noticing you? All these questions seemingly have a common point- social media marketing. And consequently, there is perhaps no appropriate time than now to focalize and showcase how your business or company addresses social media and its ever-updating trends.

Underpinning is a list of top 10 social media marketing trends that would keep you at the pinnacle of the curve more than ever. Irrespective of what kind of products your company is dealing with, these trends can add to your business growth in the foreseeable future.

1. Personalization is paramount:

Dynamic post-click landing pages play a vital role in this category. The personalization techniques are most important to implement a social media marketing strategy. This can keep the millennial age audience engaging. According to a survey, the average customer is reluctant to follow through ads on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and put interest in their post-click pages due to the absence of personalization concept. This is happening because of one-size-fits-all ads. Considering your target customer’s interests, one must come up with unique ways to keep them hooked.

More than half of the consumers expect companies to provide them with suitable recommendations to them. Through dynamic landing pages, one can deliver suggestions based on individual needs. Thus, there are prominent forms of personalization. There are certain steps to be done to create such pages. You must use an exceptional landing page builder that fosters the creation of dynamic landing pages. Include your visitor’s location to improve the relevancy of your messages by matching with your ad groups. This social media marketing trends tend to increase the conversion rate from users to a customer cum engaged social media follower.

2. Social Media Marketing Trends: E-commerce is the king:

The e-commerce trades our dictating our lifestyle. It is very important to comprehend the needs of the audience and fulfil them with pace. Instagram’s shoppable posts option is one of the examples to support the statement.

Every company should be able to complete and deliver customer purchases in the shortest period possible. They must practice quick, easy, and user-friendly transaction methods. A potential customer must be able to discover your brand and its products or services, to research about them, and finally, make a purchase. To be more precise, he or she must be an asset to the customer lifecycle marketing process because of your useful and timely solutions.

3.  Virtual influencers have been the focal point:

This is one of the most evolving social media marketing trends. The mediums of broadcasting have become unlimited for a few years now. Above all, now everyone can broadcast their life experiences on various social media platforms unlike the ’90s when a person gained popularity being an inspirational figure on the television or radio. These virtual influencers have become Haut monde of the world of social media.

The computer-generated imagery (CGI) influencers have been in the making for some time. But the makeable progress in graphic technology and many upgraded versions has degraded the performance of CGI. According to statistics, the ratio of engaging capabilities of a real-life virtual influencer and a virtual influencer is 1:4. The paced growth in artificial intelligence has led to an increase in the customers’ fondness for unique experiences and content. This will stimulate their attention and curiosity keeps building.

4. Visual content creates more impact:

We have many forms of content: audio, blog posts, case studies, infographics, etc. Among these, only a few will be favoured. But visual content rules the game. By 2022 more than three-fourth of all the online content will in the form of visuals. Being an on-demand social media marketing trend, one must have to devise innovative ways to deliver content in the form of videos and stand out in the crowd.

Your content can either be in the form of story narration, short film, or ephemeral posts. Instagram, YouTube stories, or WhatsApp status are examples of such kind. But they can easily gain comments, likes, and shares in big figures. Interactive videos grab a larger group of customers than an irresponsive image or plain text. Such a strategy keeps your customers hooked. However, consequently, this option though it requires a lot of time and effort. Planned and timely posts will help you climb up the ladder.

5. User-generated content knocks sponsored content:

You should make the positive dimensions of your product or services visible to the customer. User-generated content can help you do so. For example, another customer’s positive and genuine review can increase its demand and will drive the intention of the customer to buy. Almost 80 per cent of the customers are more likely to purchase a product based on the user-generated content and not because of the sponsored content.

social media marketing trends is a major factor in UGC that helps you to identify industry trends and improve customer service.

6.  Responsive and high-grade customer service:

When we talk about B2C communication, the electronic mail medium pops on our minds, but for the communication done through email is a long process. In such cases, social media networks prove to be handy.

In Short, these solutions can be more user-centric, and communication can also be cost-effective. On the other hand, you can create the FAQ forum where the answer to one query can be useful for others with similar questions.

7. Be active on all social media platforms, niche ones too!

Firstly, social media platforms have been evolved that are proving to outshine the contemporary ones like Facebook and Instagram. Secondly, the notable ones are- TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.

Further, TikTok has gained huge popularity among the Gen Z consumers and LinkedIn being specialized for its B2B initiations. If you want to apply this social media marketing trend in the gaming sector, then Twitch works the best.

On the other hand, it is worth to locate the top users of your platform and make them endorse the brand. This will build a highly engaging and fruitful business-customer relationship.

8. Technology is the dictator:

Technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality are beginning to shape social media marketing trends. These let the user have a better user experience. Facebook developed Spark AR that enables the general public to design filters and share them online. These can be used by the others too. Many augmented reality filters have emerged on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Progress in augmented and virtual reality has been initiated by various social media platforms to justify its visual content.

9. Networking forum and community groups:

There are several social media groups already created by brands. Such communities indulge people with similar interests in one place. They speak out their thoughts and post ideas. These forums and groups act as intra-networking sites and make room for better communication with potential existing and new customers as well. These groups prove to be important landscapes where companies can learn customer reviews, insights, suggestions.

10. Publicize among the local customers:

Geo-tagging is the most traditional method to target local customers. Most importantly, they are asked to post stories and updates that persuade others to try the product. It is one of the most conventional social media marketing trends. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram gives the option to tag the location.

This will help the local people to find related content easily. In addition, when companies host social-engaging activities and promotional events, on the other hand, they use geo-tagging to draw a larger group of customers.

Final Words,

In conclusion, Social media marketing trends can put you one step ahead in the competition by boosting your strategies. In short to its observable growth in the digital marketing era, similarly, these trends seem to rarely remain consistent annually. Since there is no inadequacy of social media platforms. It is worth to invest time and resources. These social media marketing trends can help you strategize better marketing skills and make you stick out among your competitors.

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