search engine optimization google rankings

Despite doing everything like writing promising content, designing your website wonderfully, etc, still, your site is at low Google rankings. You shouldn’t always blame yourself, and that’s really true. Today we are gonna tell you that one secret about even after making a great website, Search Engine Optimization, Google Rankings and etc etc.Why your page is still not at the top ranking. So the secret behind it is content material marketing. For being your site to be hit you just need to follow up some basic rules regarding that and they are as follows-

Search engine optimization: Auditing your website content: 

search engine optimization google rankings

You can divide your content into 3 parts as per the demand and revenue gained by the audience. The parts are as follows-

  1. a) That content is catchy and certainly gains more profit.
  2. b) A regular content which doesn’t have a yield or failure.
  3. c)A content that is not at all applicable for the good google rankings of the site.

Your website content should follow these basic steps while being audited-

1)Usage of an adequate amount of data. The content should reach a minimum word count of 700 words and must be SEO friendly.

2)Your title has to be a catchy one.

3)While articulating your meta description you should be aware of the usage of targeted keywords. Along with that, it should follow up with a proper set of guidelines implemented by a search engine.

4)Be assured of putting images with the alt tag.

5) You should constantly try to encompass inbound and outbound links. It not only makes your website look more attractive. But also, it will make the clients go easy with the website.

6)Try to discover the broken links.

7)Try to analyze whether your website has any bad links. If it’s there then try to remove it. As if it’s present continuously then it can affect your SERP very badly.

8)Should try to engulf HTML and codes in your website 

Content mentioned at the site-

search engine optimization google rankings

  • Content should be simple to understand by the audience. 
  • Visible properly from a mobile device as most of the audience uses the mobile phone.
  • Make sure that your content is easy to share on other devices.
  • Clear Points so that people can search there type of content easily.
  • Try not to use any such unknown language on your website. As it can make the reader get confused.

Check whether the other developers are not using your content:

In today’s competent world, people can often copy your content. This ultimately means the loss of your own hard work. If it was limited to only copying then it would be fine but eventually, this copying of content can result in decreasing your content popularity. This leads to a downfall of your own image. So try to make sure that it doesn’t happen. You can also have a look at it by using an on-page audit tool or try to make contacts with local search engines. This will help in improving your work.

AMP( Accelerated Mobile Page)

While working with the AMP you have to be sure about your work. It should be done properly otherwise it can result disastrously for your own site

a)Your website can have a very low ranking due to some copy issues or maybe technical. Try to solve those issues first. Don’t try to change the URL of your site. It can result in more downfall of your own website.

b)If there is no option left other than changing the URL, then change it. Use 301 redirection technique and try to redirect your clients onto the new webpage.

c)Try to be updated with your content on the website. If you are successful in doing so, then people will like to visit your website again and again.

Operating with HTTPS rather than HTTP-

At the time of launch, Google did not emphasise much on SSL certificates. But now, they have issued it under the security status. If you don’t have an SSL certificate then your site won’t be shown safe for the visitors. In this condition, they can avoid visiting your website. So, try to use HTTPS rather than HTTP to make your website more efficient.

Search Engine Optimization: Local Search Listing-

search engine optimization google rankings

Using them is one of the best methods to trade in the world of the internet. It not only helps in increasing the popularity of your site. But also, helps in increasing your visitors. This will ultimately end with a leading success to more profitable work.

Connecting your website with a social media account:

One of the best methods for gathering the customers on your site is to create social media contacts or you can also say social media marketing. In this, you can promote your content accordingly. In today’s world, everybody has a phone and so does the use of social media. This is one of the best methods to promote your work. Some of the most famous social media  sites Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc etc., 

I think that this content would act very beneficial for you while creating your website and to increase Google rankings. Stay tuned Stay connected.

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