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seo search engine optimization

Do you want to rank No.1 on Google or any other major search engine? On an everyday basis, users perform 3.5 billion searches on Google. Even though there are billions of searches every single day, a recent study shows that more than three-fourth of content gets unnoticed and no traffic from Google. This beginner’s guide is the ultimate source to understand the fundamentals even if one doesn’t have the slightest due to what Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is?

So how can one join the other fraction of web pages that are leading and start getting free, consistent, and passive traffic from Google? At the end of this article, one will have clear and very easy action items that one can implement on a website.

What is SEO?

seo search engine optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tool that helps us grow traffic, study our competitors, and dominate our niche. It is the process of optimizing our website and webpages to get “free”, “organic” traffic from search engines like Google. It refers to the work one can do to make our website easier for people to find online when types in a certain term or phrase into a search engine. 

Think of Google as a book. The book has hundreds of pages with hundreds of millions of words. Say, we try to find out something on “Computer”. Then Google would search through these pages and extract words that are similar to our keywords or closely related words. The results thus obtained are not randomized, instead, those are the most relevant results returned by Google by using advanced and complex algorithms.

How does SEO work?

The first step is to find appropriate keywords that people are searching for and see how much these queries fit into our webpage/business. The easiest way to start finding relevant keywords is to put oneself into the shoes of a dormant reader/customer.

seo search engine optimization

This list of keywords helps us to optimize pages. In the world of search engine optimization, this is called “on-page SEO“. We must use keywords in our appropriate content and avoid excessive redundancy of keywords. This is called key stuffing. The URL of the page must include the primary keyword phrase and should be short.

Meta Description: The Base of Any Search Engine Optimization

The description under the title is called the Meta description and it should be on point. The description should be enticing. It should urge the user to click over through to the webpage. It should be creative rather than putting a nonexclusive description that everyone else is doing.

The next and important part of on-page optimization is the actual content on the page. The content should be of fine quality, with no grammatical errors and free of plagiarism. So when we write for a webpage, we might want to keep these in mind and sprinkle them in where it makes sense and reads naturally to visitors. 

The next important piece is the “off-page SEO.” It often refers to link building. It is a method of getting other websites to link to our webpages. Radically, links act as votes or other people vouching for our website saying that “I would send my visitors to their website.” It works in a similar way that one would refer our friend to buy a product from whatever store because we have used tried it, used it, and loved it. In general, the more “quality” backlinks one gets from referring pages, the higher the website gets ranked in Google or any other major search engine.

Benefits of SEO

  1. Get targeted traffic:

SEO helps to get targeted traffic for keywords that one wants. All the visitors who come to the website from a search engine have a particular problem to solve. If our website could solution to their problem, then they will love our website and share it with others. Traffic from SEO is free, consistent, and reaches Google’s audience.

  1. Earn credibility:

SEO builds trust and credibility. Websites that are ranked high on search engines like Google are considered to be credible and trusted. It makes such brands stronger, better, and well recognized. 

  1. Better conversion rates:

Traffic that you get via SEO is more likely to have a better conversion rate. A local business has converted into a global business by proper SEO strategies. It boosts the website’s visibility online and makes it user friendly. These conversion rates help users to engage with the website.

  1. Provide better UX:

Search Engine Optimization can help you provide a better user experience for the visitor. For better rankings on Google, one has to make the website load faster and it should be responsive. This helps us to provide user-relevant information.

Optimizing our site will help produce more reliable information to search engines so that our content can be properly indexed and promoted within search results. Good SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time but the sooner one starts, the sooner we start climbing up the results ladder. 

seo search engine optimization

Conclusion :

So now, you might have understood the why Search engine optimization is so helpful. Stay connected for more information as you can rely on our source for any information. For any queries, contact us and we will glad to assist you.

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