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Impact of Digital Marketing in COVID-19

Digital marketing In COVID-19 Digital marketing

According to DESA analysis, Global economy could be disrupted by 1% because of this COVID-19 pandemic. This global pandemic made everything difficult and it closed door for digital transformation. When 2020 began the CIOs across the world were focusing on digital transformation in marketing but due to this COVID-19 pandemic, everything shattered. But the companies which took just initiative in digital marketing will be benefited. In simple words, even for digital marketing, it is a tough time due to this COVID-19 like any other industries.

Businesses have to survive this pandemic without any marketing strategy by implementing work from home. You just can’t follow a single strategy as the marketing bars in graphs are going upside down in a week. Moreover, it’s like you can’t predict anything.

So, Google’s global marketing team has shared its proposition on how they are navigating Google’s campaign during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Digital marketing In COVID-19 Digital marketing

1)   Context

During this COVID-19 there is an impact locally in all the businesses. So Global teams are providing guidelines centrally to the local teams. But they have found that it is best to trust each market locally to make decisions. Centrally Google has made available a spreadsheet to all the local teams out there to stabilize the business in the current situation.

2)   Constantly revise / reassess

Based on this current situation market dynamics are changing rapidly. So, you must constantly reassess the decision, campaign and guidelines as per the situation. If you have decided some strategy two weeks ago that strategy may not do anything well in today’s scenario. So, you must constantly reassess campaigns.

3)   Creative consideration

Beside constantly reassessing the campaign, their team has been focusing on creative elements that needed to be monitored. They are reevaluating shows that include interactions like shaking hands and hugging since social distancing is the key to stop spreading the illness.

4)   Priorities

As a business professional, we have the responsibility to navigate the business in this pandemic. You must change your priorities as per the situation. Now people are relying on products of google such as Google classroom, Hangouts and YouTube to get information and asses the current situation. So as a business professional we should prioritize on products that are useful to the people in this pandemic.

5)   Find an opportunity to contribute.

This is the time to help each other as Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said. each and every product of a company should contribute something useful to the people to tackle the uncertainty. You can take YouTube’s homepage as an example. It directs users to videos which makes awareness about social distancing. 

Based on the above guidelines by global teams like Google here are the top 4 ways of digital marketing to consider during COVID-19 : 

Reassess the scheduled timelines and priorities of your content.

The organization’s first step is to stop their campaigns that were to be accomplished as planned before. Assessing this crisis situation, it is best to put on hold some major launch campaigns. It doesn’t have to be cancelled but the campaign is not appropriate in this crisis.

You can hold campaigns later after this COVID-19 fades. Consider prioritizing the campaigns that can be relayed on in this outbreak. Reassess your strategies for digital marketing from time to time.

Create awareness through visuals on Digital Marketing in COVID-19

Focus more on visual communication. In a crisis like this visual communication is best to convey messages to your consumers.

Avoid using visuals that do not promote social distancing such as crowd and family gathering visuals. Use images that represent hand washing which reminds your customer to wash their hands. Rephrase some messages in your website which includes interaction. For example, “get in touch”. Avoid using phrases that are against social distancing

Communicate with your customers

it is important for organizations to inform their stakeholders about the measures that they have taken during the crisis. And should not focus profiting from the market’s anxiety. They should inform their customers in a proper way such that their messages are not dramatic. Otherwise, it will cause anxiety to the customers. So, choose your words before creating some panic as people are sensitive in some uncertainties.

Be positive

Organizations should bring positivity in people’s heart by their words. They should offer positive vibes to the people about overcoming the anxiety to COVID-19. Avoid sending robotic messages in a health crisis. For example, the TATA bunch has sworn $200 million for influenced networks and it has likewise built up a COVID-19 patient tracker to make individuals remain safe. Like the TATA group, every other organization should give some hope to its customers.

How your brand can help people?

Highlight your brand’s usefulness in this quarantine. you can offer free courses on anything for your customers. During this lockdown, an organization should be active in helping their customers by entertaining them.

So, let’s take look at some examples of how are companies responding to this health crisis.

  1. HP company donated millions of dollars to help students, families and communities
  2. Tim Cook, a chief executive officer in Apple has announced that the company donated 10 million masks to the medical centres in the US.

 We all should get inspiration from such great organizations to take some initiatives.

Final Words on Digital Marketing in COVID-19

No one has ever thought that such a situation would happen out of nowhere. It is so shocking how one touch could spread illness in clusters. Practice business through digital marketing. You can get help from a website or apps in online digitally in a single digital touch.

As a digital marketer, it is necessary to make awareness and also to support the customers in some way to relieve the stress and this health crisis situation. If you have any queries related to digital marketing in COVID-19 or need any type of suggestions, then feel free to contact us

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