How to run a PPC campaign on Facebook

PPC campaign on Facebook

PPC campaign on Facebook from the time when it was first released, Facebook is always seen growing at a great pace. Fortunately, with its substantial growth in the market. This platform has opened many wide opportunities for marketers in various fields. Earlier, when there was nothing, we used the method of traditional marketing. But as soon as things got developed, we went into digital marketing. Things started changing at a great pace and eventually, we had several ways of advertising. Among them, the most recent but old way of advertising was with the help of Google AdWords.But now after much development in the field of marketing things have changed widely. So, social media platforms have also got updated up to a great extent. Therefore, following the trend, Facebook has also introduced a new method for its users to advertise their products. Ravenously, now you can use a PPC campaign on Facebook to advertise your product. Moreover, this method of advertisement was being introduced by Facebook in the year 2016.

For providing you with more information on this topic. We are here with this article. Fortunately, if you will go through all the guidelines which are being mentioned in this article. Then it will surely help you in the field of how to use PPC on Facebook.

Fundamental Guidelines for how to use PPC campaign on Facebook:

1) Starting with choosing an advertising aim:

Unlike Google AdWords, which only aims in drawing traffic to your site. PPC campaign on Facebook works on the profitable aim of what you want to achieve from this. Therefore, whether you want to build brand awareness, you want people to install your app, or you want people to visit your store.

This platform will help you by fulfilling these substantial needs. But for this eventually, you should know what you want to accomplish by using a PPC campaign on Facebook. Fortunately for guiding you with these steps, Facebook provides its users with different options from which they can choose how to achieve their aim successfully.

2) Selecting your target audience:

For choosing the correct audience, everyone wants to focus on their customers to whom they want to provide their content i.e. your target audience. To substantially help you in this, Facebook gives you the option to choose the locality, kind of users, the language spoken by the user, and gender of the users. This basically helps in targeting a more and more selective audience. Therefore, with these options, you can wisely select your working criteria. This would be based accordingly on whom you want to show your ad and whom you don’t want to.

Moreover, there is one more option present on Facebook. This will also help in exercising your work. Therefore, that option is of detailed targeting. With the help of this option, you can exactly point out what kind of users you want to show your ad. Therefore, you can also call this a customized option of selecting an audience. Here you can also add connections. With the help of these connections, you can add Facebook Pages, Events, and even apps also.

3) Placements:

Other than these options, a PPC campaign on Facebook also provides you with another option. This option will help you to choose successfully between the different places of displaying your ads. Therefore, with this, you can choose where you want to place your ad on the user’s screen. For this the users are provided with two different options:

  1. a) Automatic placement
  2. b) Edit placement

These two options will help you in wisely choosing the locations. But for you, it will be good to choose Automatic placement if you are a beginner and doing this all stuff for the first time. Moreover, you can also edit the placement whenever you want to.

4)Budget and Schedule:

The next option that you will be getting by Facebook is the budget and schedule. With the help of this option, you will be enabled to make a wise choice between the two given methods:

  1. a) Daily Budget
  2. b) Lifetime Budget.
  •       Daily Budget: These are for the one who wants his ad to work for an entire day on the screens of his customers. Eventually, he can go on by choosing this option. Moreover, this option will also help you by pacing your budget on a per-day basis.
  •       Lifetime Budget: If you want your ad to appear for a certain amount of time. Then you can go on by choosing a lifetime budget. Moreover, this will also fix the budget for a certain amount of time. Then eventually, they will show your ad according to it.

5) Create your ad for the PPC campaign on Facebook:

Now with this next option, you will be guided to perfectly creating your ad. Eventually, while working with this, you will get two options:

  1. a) Use an existing post
  2. b) Create a new ad.

Everyone wants to update their ad such that they could earn more and more profit. So, if you have an existing ad and eventually, you want to promote that ad in front of a wider audience. Therefore, you should choose the option of using an existing post. Else you are only left with the option of creating a new ad.

Moreover, when you will choose to go on with an option to create a new ad. Therefore, when you will choose this then you will get to see 4 options. Between them, you can choose an option according to your needs. After choosing one of the options from the four, then you will be asked for entering an image or video. After this type, you will be asked for entering the text.

You can choose and enter the text according to you. But always remember that you should keep your ad short and simple. So that more and more people could develop an interest in it. Because in today world short and crisp working is preferred. And the reason behind it is the busy audience.

6) Decide the placement of where your ad will appear:

As you will scroll more getting some more options. You will be getting the next option of placing your ad. Moreover, it will enable you to decide where you want your ad to be visible. You can choose from the options provided on the site. Moreover, you can also play with the options and choose the option that gives you the best result.

7) PPC campaign on Facebook is to place an order:

Next, you will be prompted to place your order. Eventually, once you place your order, Facebook will review it before making it live. After your ad is live you can have cheered and say Hurray, as you have your first PPC campaign on Facebook.

The Conclusion:

So, with this article, we have made sure to provide you with all the basic step-by-step processes of making a PPC campaign on Facebook. Therefore, you use them and make your work perfect in the eyes of the viewers. Also, make sure that you go through all the steps. So that you don’t have a problem with any step. Lastly, we would again like to highlight the fact that try to make your ad short and catchy.

Then only you would be able to target a larger amount of audience. If you are successful in doing this. Then only you can say proudly that you have gone through all the points which are being mentioned in this article

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