Content Marketing Hacks A Cheat Sheet for Content Writing

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Content marketing or Content Writing is the process of planning, creating, sharing, and publishing educational and consistent content to the readers. By conveying excellent substance to the intended interest group it draws in guests and in the end makes them into clients.

Today content marketing is considered to be an essential part of digital marketing. A blog that has simple and high-quality content connects people to your brand. But content writing is not an easy task. If you want to be a successful content writer then you should know SEO and WordPress.

Here are 25 content marketing hacks that make your content more valuable for marketing and will increase your website traffic.

content marketing content writing

  1. Catchy headlines.

People get attracted to catchy headlines which will make them read the full content. So, headlines are important in a content writer. As content writers, we know how important a headline is yet we write some lame repeated headlines in a blog., a site that lists blog posts that has more votes based on headlines.

  1. Title generator tools

You can use tools like TweakYourBiz or content forest generator for more attractive titles. In these tools, the titles are generated based on the keywords.

  1. Infographics 

Here data and information are represented in the form of visual graphics. Using free images and visuals grabs more attention as people understand the content quickly through images.                   

  1. Use various platforms.

Content marketing growth can be increased by using various platforms other than blogs. Here are a few ways through which you can promote your content.

  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Quora
  • Slideshow
  • Forum contribution
  • Audio content.

Content length

Lengthy content is the key to success but at the same time, the content should be clear and valuable. We all know this famous blogger Neil Patel, according to his research he discovered that an “average web page that ranks in top 10 results for any keyword in google contains at least 2000 words”. So, more content gives more information.

  1. Gamification

Nowadays many platforms like Facebook marketers are conducting quizzes to attract people. Conducting polls, quizzes, and surveys on social media will gain the interest of many readers. 

  1. User-friendly

Make sure your blog is user-friendly. Your registration or subscription forms should be simple such that it is convenient for the readers. So always get the name and an email address of the reader. Later you can pursue more details from them.

  1. Link to your post 

Links are beneficial for SEO rankings. Every blogger wants others to link to his content. but we can link our posts to our content. for example, if the blog posts are about “digital marketing” then through key phrases you can link to “digital marketing strategies” which is also our blog post this makes content writing business more useful.

  1. Share buttons

Make sure that your share buttons are incorrect position. Readers find it difficult to share some posts as the share buttons are difficult to be identified in a blog. Always keep your share buttons at top of your page such that users can easily find them.

Tell a story

People find it interesting to hear stories through which you will gain many readers, as well as the users, will understand what u wanted to convey to them. They get connected easily through emotions. So most often stories allow people to get more attached to the story writer. Thus, gains many viewers to a site. Use visual storytelling, normally a human brain retains visual images faster than a simple text. Here are a few ways through which you can convey your story to the readers visually.

  • Screenshot with annotations
  • Memes
  • Quotes
  • Charts and graphics
  1. Guest blogging Best Option For Content Marketing

As Google is now evaluating placed links more thoroughly guest blogging has no results in skyrocketing SEO. In any case, if your visitor post is increasingly useful and supportive including a significant connection back to your site is an incredible route to your presentation

Benefits of guest blogging:

  • Exposure to blog and brand’s audience
  • Possibility of capturing a secondary or tertiary audience.
  • Opportunity to expand your blog 
  • It increases reputation and authority.
  1. Call-to-action

The simplest example of a call to action is “buy now”. The more details you provide to your customer, the better it will be. Google offers the ability to set a mobile preference for your ads. You can also enable call extension, which displays a call option instead of just displaying the number. This is Google’s “click-to-call” function.

  1. Email marketing: Content Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most effective tactics for content marketing. It has been found that email marketing accounts for 30 % of content marketing.

Consider setting up an RSS email feed that allows you to grab more attention to your post. It also allows you to send updates to the subscribers automatically.

Google doc research tool

To gain credibility, you can use links, images, quotes, and other big names. So, you can use the Google Docs research tool for links and quotes. Credibility gains the reader’s trust which gets them to the sales funnel.

  1. Google analytics

In Google Analytics, you can find content that grabs more traffic. There are many tools to determine content topics that will increase people’s attention to your blog post. Write more relevant content and repurpose it.    

  1. Offer online courses.

 Always create reusable content. You can use your content as a material or showcase for many online courses. Nowadays online learning has huge growth. Sites like Google Help outs, Udemy, and Skillshare allow you to create content for the audience. It is also profitable.

  1. A/B test

One of the most visited areas of your website is the “about us” page. It needs to be well designed. Instead of writing a few paragraphs about your company’s vision and mission, try something different. Your “about us page should be simple. For example, you can refer to the ‘about us” page of Yellow Leaf Hammocks.

  1. Boost your site speed

Make your blog faster as fast as possible. As we include more features in a blog it may degrade your website speed. So, spend time to make your blog faster. In 2010 Google engineer Matt Cutts said that “Google is now taking website speed as a major factor for ranking”. On average pages in a site take 1.4 seconds to load.

  1. Promote your content

Bloggers do mistakes by giving more importance only to their content. Great content indeed shines at the top but first, it should be promoted to gain more followers.

  1. Error-free content

There should not be any grammatical and punctuation errors in your content. You can use tools like Grammarly or Hemming way to analyze your content to make it free from errors. 

  1. Promote more than once

This may sound crazy but promoting your content more than once on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram grow a greater number of readers.

  1. Analyze the reading level of your content

Use to analyze your content such that the content is written above the 7th-grade level.

  1. Use jokes

People get attracted to humor content easily. So use humor in your content whenever possible.  

  1. Compatibility

Make sure you test your website if you change something new. Your website should be compatible with devices.

 Content marketing tools

There are so many content marketing tools that can double your search traffic. They are:

  • Pingdom website speed test
  • Squirrly – it optimizes the content.
  • Ahrefs Content Explorer – here you can find the most shared topic in social media. 
  • TrendSpottr – this tool can predict the emerging trend.
  • PowToon – it is used for creating animated videos and presentations.
  • Conclusion:

There are so many content writers in the world but only a few shines at the top of the Content writing business. If you use the above content marketing hacks effectively with great content you can achieve your target. Let’s not forget that every great content should have a great ending. So, don’t skip your conclusion part. You can consider it as one of your pillars. Thus, content marketing and Content writing is a tough task with many tough competitors. So, try to stand out of the crowd in your way.


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