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Content Marketing Formula That Drives more Visitors

content marketing content marketing formula

Content marketing has become a need in today’s hour. Content marketing does not only consist of writing good content. You have to follow a certain content marketing formula. This will help in improving the proficiency of your work. Also, you have to apply proper content marketing formula

Then only you can expect that you would be able to gather around more and more crowds of people. But today, we have brought to you a simple content marketing formula which not only will help you in generating population on your webpage. But will also help in gaining popularity among the other websites present on social media platforms. After all, your site should have some basic qualities which help in improving your perspective in front of the whole society. Be with us and let’s check it out.

Content marketing formulas:

 content marketing content marketing formula

1)Always maintain your heading portion 

You should always keep in mind that your heading should be short and crisp. This not only represents your whole article. But will also judge whether a person will be coming to your website or not. We all do the same when we go on searching for our content about a particular topic.

We generally choose the one whom we feel is absolutely perfect regarding our task. If we do the same thing then how we can expect from others to compromise with their quality of content. Other than this, if you have already done with your article. Just go through a particular website where you can get access to keywords relevant to your article. From there you can choose wisely between the heading or the title of your content which you find to be suitable. This will surely help you in gathering some more clients on your webpage. 

2) Addition of 3 internal links in your content:

Suppose, you are publishing a new article.  But somewhere in the past, you have already worked into the same topic which you are working on at present. You can easily create backlinks of that particular blog in your freshly written article. This will help you in gaining more and more views to your older blog which was published earlier by you on that topic. Along with this, you would soon achieve a higher ranking on Google if this works successfully.

3)Be careful while publishing your content on social media sites: 

 content marketing content marketing formula

You should always take care of piquing curiosity among the visitors of your website. Just adding some question marks on your webpage will don’t work. For that, you also have to ask certain types of questions, where the audience is left with no other option other than opening your webpage to know more about that content.  Usually, you can do so by adding some lines on your post which are trendy, different from the other webpages present on social media. 

Because there are 1000’s of URLs present on the web and the audience always wants something new that they can look into. So, you can go with this option rather than just simply posting your content on social media and leaving it.

4)Popularising your content through linking:

Suppose you are mentioning any form of data in the form of content. The sources from which you have taken the help regarding the content just mail them back about your content and also mention to just have a look at your work. You can simply go on their website and have email id of them to contact them or search for the contact number. Then easily send them message following the pattern like this-

{   Hi [insert their first name],

I just wanted to say, I love your content. Especially your article on [insert the name of the article you linked out to].

I linked to it from my latest blog post [insert URL of your blog post]. It would make my day if you checked it out and even shared it on your favourite social network if you enjoyed it.


[insert your name]  }

This not only will help you in gaining authorities but also will help you in maintaining trust in the eyes of your audience. You can take the content from any site you want to but don’t forget to mention them.

This not only will help in improving your image in front of the clients but also the one from whom you have taken that content. It can be your competitor or a person at a higher level as he would be having more contacts.

5)Doing email blasting :

With this one thing, content marketing can be assured of getting more and more customers to your own website. What you have to do is that every time you post a blog/article make sure you are sending a hint of it on the emails present in your contacts or the customers who have visited your site once. As when they will see this pop up in their email they will click on it and get some more information regarding it.

The tactics about using curiosity piquing websites work here too. If your heading is effective then I can guarantee you that they would visit your site at least once.

But don’t forget to follow up with this –

1) Send emails to those whom you think that they use their email frequently. They shouldn’t be the ones who don’t open their email for up to a month or so. This will assure you that they have received your message. Soon they will be seeing it. And then they will visit your website at least one time.

2) Don’t include too much in your email. This will really look a mess and also too much for being forwarded to the clients. Make it simple, just have some crucial content and backlink that’s it. It depicts your class. The lesser the content the more it’s reliable.

3)As I have told you earlier also, don’t forget to evoke curiosity in the minds of your clients. Once they are provided then for sure they will want to see what is there on your website.

But always remember this one simple rule – “The more the content you publish the more you will be sending emails. The more you send the emails the more the customers on your website”.

6)Sending push notifications:

Push notification refers to the notifications which appear as the pop-ups while you open a webpage. They basically work by creating pop-ups which when clicked to allow can help in redirecting a person to your website or the website which it’s referred to. It helps in getting more and more customers to your website.

This can be a powerful tool because there are only the least amount of web developers who use this tool for attracting customers. This ultimately means that you can use it wisely. Maybe it won’t give you a better response but something is better than nothing. We know that the maximum clicks on the block but some people at least 4 would be clicking on accept and your work is done.


Basically, if you are a hard-working person in terms of writing content. Then you should be a smart worker also for receiving more and more visitors on your website. Content marketing formula Starting from the basics is the best part because this is the only best thing which will surely help you in improving your popularity among the other web pages present on google.

So I hope that you will remember the above-mentioned points. Hope to see you soon with another topic. Till then stay home and stay safe.

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