Best Brochure Templates Tips for Promoting Your Business

Best Brochure Templates

We are all living in a digital world where everything is available online. But the importance of the brochure didn’t fade even in this digital era. At certain points, we may think why do we need brochures? And is that even important for our business? Yes, it is essential for your business. Best brochure templates draw people’s attention. They are considered to be an integral part of your business.

The best brochure template has more details about your company than a business card. It is like giving the digital “about us page “of your website to the customer as a brochure in reality. You can even promote your business by distributing the brochure in a trade show and some other business events.

To create the best brochure templates and design read the below 10 tips for promoting your business through stunning brochures: 

Best Brochure Templates

1. Identify the goal

There are different types of the brochure with varying content. the designer must know about the company goals to design the best brochure template.

It is worth spending your time to plan out your brochure which can save your time and money later from mistakes that you create.

Identify your target audience and get some information about them. Ask your client about their experience in that field. If they have worked with many clients before then avoid including contents about the company’s history.

Normally a brochure contains a front panel that will have details like logos and titles, an inner panel where you will have brief points about services they provide and a final panel that consist of contact information.

For instance, in a travel brochure, you will provide information about food and accommodation available in that area. If it is a parlour brochure you will provide a list of services that are available at your parlour. Thus, the purpose has major impacts onBest Brochure Templates.

2.  Readability, colour and images

Your content should be simple, not complex. People will lose interest in reading your brochure if the content is a bunch of paragraphs. So, try to use icons as bullet points that will make your readers understand the content easily.

And also, don’t list every feature of the services that you provide. It will make your brochure lengthy, so try to express selling points in your brochure that makes you an expert in that field.

Colours- use any colour that your company is already using in logos or brand. And you can even use other colours in combination with your brand colour.

Images- your brochure should have images similar to the colour choices. Use high-resolution images.

3.   Add contact information

Make sure that your contact information is visible to your customers. Sometimes people find it difficult to locate contact information from a brochure as they are not organized well.

Your contact information should have the following details.

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Email ID
  • Social media accounts

4. Use catchy headlines

Headlines draw attention if it is attractive and unique. Both in digital marketing and traditional marketing headlines are essential. Your headline should provoke the readers to read the brochure. The best brochure template has a stunning headline which increases the reader’s curiosity.

For example design logos without a graphic designer at your home.

5.  Choose your font.

If you use multiple random fonts throughout your brochure then your brochure will become an ultimate flop. People will find it unprofessional to use multiple fonts.

You can use your company signature fonts in your entire brochure along with another font that doesn’t look odd. But make sure that your brochure has only two fonts, not more than that.

There are some tools for complimentary font pairing. You can google it.

6.  Numbering

You can organize the content of your brochure by numbering the sections. It helps the readers to get the details easily. It is better to use this numbering in brochures which have so many contents.

The bold numbers guide the readers and show them where you should look next in the brochure. As sometimes people get confused if the brochure has a lot of content.

7.   Make your readers respond

The best brochure templates content should make the readers take a specific action. The contact information is always positioned on the final panel of the brochure. To get some response from your customers, offer a reason like a discount, promo code or free product.

Here are some of the lines that draw your readers to respond.

  • Visit the store for an upcoming sale
  • Participate in the event to win gifts
  • Download the app on your phone and win exciting gifts.
  • Register on our website to get a trial product.

8.   Proofread the brochure

Proofreading consumes more time but it is worth doing it. No one wants to waste money by printing thousands of brochures in a hurry without proofreading it.

Check the spellings and make sure the content makes sense. You don’t have to use spell check or grammar tools for this. Just sit and read it for some time.

Check your headings and make sure the language is so simple to understand.

It is important to check sensitive information like the date, price and location that you have provided in the brochure are free from errors.

After proofreading your brochure, you can print it with satisfaction. Make sure your brochure is in PDF format.

9.   Make sure to use a bigger font size for CTAs

Every brochure has CTAs. But make sure it is visible to the customers. And also check for details you may have forgotten to mention such as:

  • Visitor information
  • Purchasing information
  • Legal information.
  • CTAs in brochures are necessary.

10. Print a sample.

After everything is set ready to print don’t print so many copies at a time. Always print a test copy and fold it exactly as you wanted based on your choices. This will ensure that every detail is incorrect order.

Before printing, many copies make sure to proofread the test copy. 

Content types that you can use in the Brochure.

  • How a product works
  • Information on service delivery
  • Features & benefits
  • Pricing details
  • FAQs
  • High-quality images
  • Narrative story
  • Testimonials
  • Pros and cons


You can use online tools like Canvas and FlipHTML5 to get customized best brochure templates for your company without the help of a graphic designer.

But I would recommend getting help from a graphic designer as they know how to pull it off a stunning brochure. If you have not designed a brochure for your company then you can get help from us anytime. This brochure is an integral part of a business. Contact Us for any queries and we will glad to assist you. 

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