Facebook marketing tools

From the last few years, we have observed that Facebook has grown exponentially. And this all has happened over a short period of time. Today it’s having almost 1.6 billion active users (that’s the count in a month). Because of this growth only, more and more companies are becoming interested every day in doing Facebook marketing. But let me tell you one thing, Facebook marketing is not at all easy. Especially for the beginners and you try also. Then that will end up in a mass. Eventually, doing it manually also can be somewhat tricky. That’s why you need to tackle up the thoughts in your brain and then work. Fortunately, there are many Facebook marketing tools which are available in the market. These all are made for fulfilling that need only. Consequently, they can help you effectively with the field of Facebook marketing.

Facebook has become a prime choice for every second company. Why? Because they find it best for advertising their products. This platform has such a large amount of traffic. And eventually, if they go with this platform. Then, they are able to reach a larger number of audiences. And upon that, they have one more benefit which is that it’s a cost-effective way!!

Why do we need Facebook marketing tools?

Facebook marketing tools

Every single person has a business or not should ask this question to himself. Then only you will get an effective answer: why do you need a Facebook marketing tool?

For the ones who are looking forward to an answer. These Facebook marketing tools are for the ones who are beginners. As, this profession can be a bit tricky, if you are deciding to do Facebook marketing manually, especially for the newbies. Moreover, we face such kinds of issues because we are not using the tools. At that time we forget that there are many Facebook marketing tools available in the market. But on the other side, some also face the problem that they are not aware of how to use them.

The one who is doing business has to also create a manual ad. And believe me, that is a hugely time-consuming task. Especially, if you are doing social media marketing for the first time. Then for sure, it will be really tough for you. Therefore, for helping you with such kinds of issues. We will give you an idea of Facebook marketing tools. Further, how you can utilise them for succeeding in your business by saving time!!

With this article, we will be providing you with 8 different third-party Facebook marketing tools. These tools will surely help you in Facebook marketing.

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a traffic tracking tool. Eventually, it is recommended to be used along with the Facebook campaign. You can utilise this tool to know that from which link the users are redirected to your site. And it can also tell you that what these visitors are doing after visiting your site. In the end, it will give you an idea of what are the points that you need to correct yourself with. And if you are able to get such kind of advice. Then we guarantee that you can reach the top of your business.

2. Flow:

Flow is an audience targeting tool. It helps you by telling you details from your CRMs or your e-commerce website. You can use this piece of information to target your existing customer. This process is solely based on his/her interest. Eventually, you can also find some more users who have the same interest. Further, you can keep track of what you want to mail your existing customers. Or you can effectively target a new audience also.

3. Real Geek’s Facebook marketing tools:

Real Geek’s Facebook marketing tool collects information from the net. And after collecting the information it helps you in creating Facebook ads. If you are not a user of this app. Then eventually, you would have to design the ad by yourself manually. Again this process is totally a time-taking task and we also know that you want to save your time. So, therefore, you can use this tool to help yourself in making a relevant ad. And also, by spending the time of just a few minutes!!

4. Social Bakers:

A social baker is a tool that can be used with any social media platform. It collects relevant data from different platforms. Then after analysing the data, it provides you with the latest trend. Also, it helps you by providing the most effective way that you can utilise for advertising, etc. You can utilise the report generated by this to target your desired audience.

5. Agora Pulse:

AgoraPulse is really a very useful tool. With the help of this app, you can link your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and Instagram account in one place. Eventually, after the linking process, this tool will monitor your media posts and also will monitor social interaction over the post. Then eventually, it will provide you with an option to monitor your competitor. With this, it provides you with a report of what your competitors are doing. By knowing this you can effectively plan your next step for succeeding in your task. If you are able to do this then you would be one step forward. With this, no could in the market defeat you!

6. DrumUp:

This tool is a combination of two very powerful prospects that are content marketing and social media marketing. This tool will provide you with the topics that users will enjoy reading about. In short, it is a content recommendation tool. Along with content recommendation, it also provides a brief insight into your social media strategies. If you are able to know about the reader’s choice. Then eventually, your products and services will be liked by the customers. Hence, you will rule the market.

7. ShortStack:

The developers have designed this tool to make the ad and content creation easy. This app doesn’t solely work for Facebook. But also, you can work with this app for getting benefits on other social media sites. Moreover, it offers you with the user-friendly user interface. Eventually, it is very easy to use and integrates. It also integrates with some tools that help you in making the ad in a few clicks.

8. Likealyzer

This tool is really helpful in the field of Facebook marketing. It lets you track the reach of your Facebook page. For working successfully with this app, you have to link your page URL. Then eventually, after analysing the URL. It will provide you with a report. This report will consist of the errors present on the page, the recommendation for improving your page, and how you can make it more interactive. By working on these fields you can overcome the various errors on your website. Therefore, if you are able to remove them. Then the chances for liking your page by the customers would definitely increase to yet another level.

The Conclusion:

So, with this, we have told you 8 different tools that you can utilise to improve your Facebook marketing strategy. Every tool has its own advantages and disadvantages too. So, you should use them accordingly as per your need.

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