5 Common SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Website

seo mistakes seo

If you want to be successful with your website. Then, you need to be extraordinary with your choice. You have to think out of your league. Even, if you maintain the quality of the website of your content. Then, you need to follow up some algorithms given by Google. These algorithms help in increasing your ranking on Google. We are here to help you up in this field. For this, we have brought to you some basic tactics and SEO mistakes.

It needs to be analyzed by you.  If you are able to avoid these SEO mistakes on your website. Then we assure you that nobody can’t stop you from achieving success. Apart from this, try to be updated with other SEO mistakes. This would help you in future if you want to construct a business in this field.

5 common SEO mistakes:

seo mistakes seo

SEO is basically an optimisation technique. It’s used to increase the ranking of the website. It also helps in increasing the number of visitors on your website. It includes primary keywords, secondary keywords, LSI’s, interlinks, alt tags etc. But for this, you have to avoid these SEO mistakes.

1)Ignorance of meta descriptions and title tags

#What is a meta description?

A meta description is an HTML component that characterizes and sums up the subjects of your webpage. It’s basically done for the advantage of customers and search engines. It plays a substantial part in the on-page SEO.

Meta content is a short introduction. It’s related to the topic which we are generally writing for.

#What is the title tag?

A title tag is an HTML component that prescribes the title of a web page. They are shown on SERPs as a caption for a given conclusion. The page title should be short and crisp. It must contain the primary keywords.

If it’s according to the want of google. Then, it would be placed first on the search results. If you are able to do it correctly then, you might have 1000’s of views. But you have to keep in mind that you should use the primary keyword 3 to 4 times in your meta description. Eventually, try to avoid this SEO mistake.

2) Not remedying the broken links: SEO Mistakes

#What are the broken links?

Broken links are those links that don’t function. Several explanations that why these links don’t function are as follows: 

  • a) A website is not available. This means that it has been changed or is not accessible.
  • b) A webpage was shifted without giving any redirecting code I.e., 303. It might be that the URL configuration of a website was altered.

With time the webpages are also modified. After its modification, it can be deleted unknowingly. With this, if you didn’t mention the redirecting code. Then it might get you in trouble. As your site will no longer be visible to the audience.

You also need to keep this in mind that you do not create too many broken links. As if you did so, then it can put a black spot on your website’s image. It might get reported to Google. This can result in blocking of your site.

So, just try to fix every broken link as soon as possible. As nobody wants to lose their views by commenting such a silly mistake. Hence, try to avoid this SEO mistake.

3) Ignoring the quality of a content 

Try to publish high-quality content. This means that the content must have good quality with no grammatical mistakes. Also, keep in mind that you should avoid plagiarism. You can take the help of google. But do not copy the content as it is.

Also, it’s the rule of the society that they prefer quality over the quantity of anything. This means that even if you provide a small content. And if it fulfils the demand of your viewers. Then, they will visit your site again for sure.

Do not always use quality content. Sometimes, try to use the mixture. But be assured that if you are putting down the quality of your content. Then, it should not be that down. Otherwise, the viewers will not visit your site. 

Now you must be thinking- “why to decrease the level of your content?. So with answering this question of yours. I must say that you have the right thought in your mind. But, it’s the personality of a human that if he sees something again and again. Then he or she soon gets bored by it

But the one who might be building the webpage. He might have the thought of going for a long run. So, it’s better to keep this technique in your mind.

Also, the content should be optimized. This means that try to use passive voice, images that are free from copyright issues, usage of alt tags, length of the content, etc. So, try to avoid this SEO mistake.

4) Not referring to the right keywords- SEO Mistakes

#What are keywords?

It’s the words that characterize the topic of your webpage. They are particularly of two types-

  •  a) Primary keyword 

It’s the main keyword that’s present in the title or in the URL. It should be kept in mind to use it 3-4 times in the whole article. 

  • b) Secondary keyword

In the subheadings of the blog. It should be used at least 4 times in the entire blog.

When you add the keywords in your meta description or in your whole content. Then it’s easy for Google to find it. It comes under the Google algorithm. So, try to prevent this SEO mistake. The words that are searched are being broken. Then,  they are found in the web pages available with Google. So, keep in mind to use it properly. 

For a better analysis, you can think by the mind of a visitor. If you do so, then it’s for you to set up the keyword.

Other than this, you can use the LSI’s too. The LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s a method used by Google and other search engines to study the relationship between the terms. So, if the right terms are present in your article. Then, it will easily rank in the first position of the search results. So, try to avoid this SEO mistake.

5)Creating mistaken links for your website

There are basically three types of links-

  • a)Internal links 
  • b)External links 
  • C)Backlinks

Every link has its own significance. They can play a crucial role in gaining domain authority scores. Use sufficient links on your website. But try not to use an excessive amount of links. As it could really harm your position.

Simple work is the best work. This also applies here. So, just finish your articles with the correct amount of links. Therefore, try to resist this SEO mistake.


I hope that this SEO mistakes article must have acted beneficially for you. Try to avoid the SEO mistakes that were mention in this blog. These can be some of the deadly mistakes that you ever make.

This additionally assumes a vital job in your ranking on the search engine. So, follow up with the Google algorithms. You don’t need to panic so much. Just stay updated with us.

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