#1 Best Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic Organically

increase website traffic

Any person who works online needs some good quantity of website traffic. His views only determine whether he worked for his loved ones or not. That’s why everyone needs to increase website traffic. With one of our articles, we explained to you that you should always prefer quality over quantity. Sometimes, you can experiment with the mixture but most of the time you need to maintain that level of quality which is required in your text.  

So, you can increase website traffic. With this, we are here to inform you about certain basics which you generally need to remember while you are working with your website. Trust me, it would be very beneficial for just trying to go through the article once and your work is done. This would help you in increasing website traffic.

We are going to divide today’s session into 3 parts. So, you can have a clear understanding of the topic-

Fundamental principles about your website

increase website traffic

a)Traffic on your website: 

You can create it by simply leaving your website link on any social media services available by the internet. There are many social media platforms which can help you in doing so eg. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. After seeing your website’s link, they would click on it and try to visit your site once. This would eventually help you in increasing website traffic. There are basically 3 types of search traffic-

#search traffic which is paid

These ads work on the basis of pay per click. These are the ads which are displayed at the top of organic searches. Suppose anybody has searched something. Then, search results will come. On top of organic searches, you can see them. So, if anyone clicks on them. You need to pay for that traffic created. This would eventually help you in increasing website traffic.

Pay-per-click is an internet promotion criterion. It’s spent to navigate traffic to your websites. In this, the person who advertises gives money to a publisher when the ad is being clicked by someone.

#Affiliate marketing to increase website traffic

This traffic occurs when the customers click on the affiliate links.

An affiliate link is a particular URL. It comprises the associate’s ID or username. In affiliate strategies, the one who does advertisement utilizes affiliate links for listing the traffic. Listing of that traffic is done which is sent to the advertiser’s website.

Hence, if any person uses these links to arrive on your website. Then, this would be referred to as affiliate traffic.

#Email traffic

It comprises traffic from the clicks which is done on a link. This link is present in email information. It can be done by either bulk email marketing or person to person messages.

b)A visitor can be anyone either Human or a robot

Anything which creates views on your website can be a viewer. But, try to always avoid the bots that are visiting your websites. Because sometimes they are good. But, during other times they are bad too and can harm your website. But, this would eventually help you in increasing website traffic.

c)Harmful methods for attracting customers on your site

Generally, they are done by putting your link behind some video. Like for eg. If a person clicks on a video for it to get played. Then, it would redirect him to your website. Try to avoid this as this would be very malicious for your website. This can be a short term strategy. But for long terms, it’s not good as the viewers might get offended and then can complain about you. This would never help you with increase website traffic.

d)Measurement of website traffic

You should always keep in mind to measure the quantity of traffic visiting on your website. This will not only help you in understanding the want of the people. But also, it would help you in analyzing whether they like your content or not. You can simply do it with the help of Google Analytics. As this would eventually help you to measure increase website traffic.

e)Several categories of media

There are basically 3 varieties of media. They all function differently-

#paid media

#Earned media

#owned media

You only need to focus on the owned media. So,

owned media is that media which is purchased by you or you can say you have control over every activity of that media.

This type of media used properly can be very beneficial for you. with the help of this, you can own a whole webpage. This could be a successful strategy for giving a tough competition. Also, this would eventually help you in increasing website traffic.

Central standpoints:

You should have several goals while working on your website.

#Click-through percentage

#integrity of traffic references

#Increment in the number of links and comments

Your work constantly joins into the above-mentioned points. This would eventually help you in increasing website traffic. For following up with this you need to pay attention to several prerogatives. Ultimately, this would help you in increasing website traffic.

1) Adequate usage of keywords and themes

You should always try to use the correct amount of keywords and headings. This will help you in content marketing. If you are able to indulge the correct amount of keywords in your articles. Then, it would be shown on the top highlights of search results. Ultimately, this will help you in creating a lead in the market and also increase website traffic.

2) Targeting the appropriate audience

Try to make an avatar of your targeted audiences. With this, we mean that you should focus on a particular individual. Try to analyse his needs or demands from a particular source and then work accordingly to it. With this, you won’t suffer damage to your business. If you are able to target a single individual then, ultimately you can target a whole society. So, just start from a basic segment. Therefore, this would eventually help you to increase website traffic

3) High-quality content

There are 3 categories of content

#TOFU: Top Of The Funnel

This content should be highly generative. You need to build up awareness with the help of this type of content.

#BOFU: Bottom Of The Funnel

This content is highly technical. It is generally based on the conversion of any content.

#MOFU: Middle Of The Funnel

This content is highly remarkable. It focuses on creating the evaluation of your content.

If you are able to categories your content according to these criteria. Then, we assure you that you are going to target the audience which is out of your reach. This means that you can effectively create increased website traffic.

Strategy for how to do:

For this, we are going to give you a detailed highlight of the several steps. The would work ideally for your needs, i.e., to create increase website traffic. For this, you have to make a hypothetical assumption of having an ideal Avatar for your work and having prominent keywords. Now let’s get started.

1) Specify already accomplished topics

You can utilize SEO and social media devices. This is done for recognizing which content is accomplishing adequately in your corner. Eventually, this would help you in increasing website traffic.

2) Selection of a subject for your content

Make a catalogue of nicely performing content. Then, prepare a small list of topics that would suit on your website.

Ultimately, this would eventually help you in increasing website traffic.

This can be done keeping in mind the content and commodity.

3)Developing a fraction of content which is best

Try to make a memo of the capacity and integrity of the content which is already published. And then, attempt to recognize the means to give rise to better content than earlier. This would eventually help you in increasing website traffic.

These are several aspects by which you can give rise to fabulous content:

#Bring about lengthier content

#Extra updated content

#Adequately composed

#Comprises of images, video etc

#Deeper for creating a better understanding

4)Creating a downloadable service (lead magnet)

A lead magnet is particularly a bribe. You offer this for a possibility in trading for their communication knowledge.

Try not to make them prolonged or complicated. They are required to unravel a particular issue with a certain explanation for your ideal viewer. This would eventually help you to increase website traffic.

The clue for a profitable lead magnet is that it should propose enormous usefulness within it. After successfully doing it, you need to just promote it as soon as possible.

5) Promoting your content

You can do this by reaching on several social media sites. You can also use email marketing, paid marketing etc for promoting your content. This would eventually help you in increasing website traffic.


We hope that you might have understood the need to increase website traffic nowadays. They are highly crucial for a beginner who is putting his first step in this field. For more content like this, stay updated with us. Contact us for any queries and we will glad to assist you. 

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